Whirlpool Grill Oven service Centre in Hyderabad

Whirlpool Grill Oven service Centre in Hyderabad

Gandi Maisamma, Hyderabad, Telangana 500043

As the microwave oven the appliance which mainly used in all the homes. As the usage of the microwave oven is on the higher side so that there are many issues that the microwave oven will not start or won’t work properly. But, there are many types of microwave ovens like solo microwave oven, grill microwave oven, convection microwave oven. As if there are any issues with the microwave oven spare parts then our professional technicians will inform you immediately at that time and we will also charge separate for the spare parts and we will also give you 90 days of warranty for spare parts and we will also give you 30 days of warranty for general services. As our professional technicians well trained and experienced.

Microwave Oven Repair Service Centre

So that they can solve all the major and the minor issues of the microwave ovens and the issues of the microwave oven solved within the same day without any further issues. Microwave oven is the main and the common appliance which is mainly used in all the homes. The microwave oven is used to cook and preheat the food items. This induces polar molecules in the food to rotate and produce the food energy in a process known as dielectric heating. Microwave ovens heat foods quickly and efficiently because excision is fairly uniform in the outer 25-38mm(1-1.5 inches) of a homogeneous, high water content food item. Exceptions occur in cases where the oven is used to heat frying oil and other oily items(such as bacon). Which attains a far higher temperature than that of boiling water.

What are the various modes of payment which we accept here in our service center?            

  • you people can make payments here cash, JD pay,  Phone pay, Google pay, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, Cheques, etc. 

What are its hours of operation? 

Morning 8 A.m to 9 P.m Doorsteps services Available. 

  • The establishment is functional on
  • Monday: Open 24 Hours
  • Tuesday: Open 24 Hours
  • Wednesday: Open 24 Hours
  • Thursday: Open 24 Hours
  • Friday: Open 24 Hours
  • Saturday:  Open 24 Hours
  • Sunday: Open 24 Hours
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